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    CPACE Program

  • Office Core

    Centered around Bonneville Avenue and Casino Center Boulevard, most of this area is filled with office and government buildings. With several court buildings located here

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    Office Core

  • Downtown Gateway

    This district is an entry way into downtown from the north and US-93/95. Home to the new headquarters of Zappos , as well as the Mob Museum , the Downtown Gateway also

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    Downtown Gateway

  • Downtown South

    The Downtown South District is a mixed-use area defined primarily by industrial and commercial land uses. The district encompasses 18b, The Las Vegas Arts District, which

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    Downtown South

  • 18b, The Las Vegas Arts District

    The 18b Las Vegas Arts District, which straddles West Charleston, is the city’s home to art-related galleries, studios, boutiques, stores, bars, restaurants and other venues

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    18b, The Las Vegas Arts District

  • Business Resources

    Need-to-know and good-to-know information.

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    Business Resources

  • Northern Strip Gateway

    This area is anchored by THE STRAT Las Vegas Hotel and Casino on the east and the Allure, an upscale high-rise condominium development, on the south. The area includes

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    Northern Strip Gateway

  • East Village

    East Village serves as the east entrance to downtown via Fremont Street and is the former core of downtown Las Vegas. The area is yet to be fully redeveloped, but future plans include

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    East Village

  • Central Casino Core

    This district is centered around the celebrated Fremont Street Experience, a covered neon canopy encompassing 5 blocks, which attracts millions of tourists to the area each year

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    Central Casino Core