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KNPR, Oct 07, 2022 by Mike Prevatt


Twenty years ago, they tried something pretty audacious for downtown Las Vegas.

They put on the very first First Friday, a one-night carnival of food and entertainment centered on art in the area of Charleston Boulevard and Main Street.

It was audacious in 2002 because back then, the Arts District was nothing like it is today. It was mishmash of used furniture stores, curio shops, rebuilt carburetor shops and art galleries.

But what started as a small-scale event centered on art galleries has grown into a bona fide cultural institution. Over those 20 years, First Friday has turned downtown into a creative nexus and introduced thousands of local artists and bands to suburban Las Vegas.

It has also helped the Arts District become one of the hottest spots in the valley.

(Right, Brian Paco Alvarez shows his First Friday logo tattoo.)

“It was a ragtag group of people, maybe 300 of us,” Alvarez said. “There were no sidewalks, there was no lighting.”

He said the Arts District is night and day compared to what it is today.

“It’s gentrified, it’s insane to see what the Arts District became.”

First Friday has lasted as long as it has because “it was ours,” Alvarez said. That it belongs to the community.

“I think it’s finally gotten its sea legs today,” he said. “I can just walk there from my house”

Fagan joined the First Friday Foundation about 11 years ago. She, for the most part, grew up in Las Vegas, but wasn’t aware of the event.

“I remember walking down that street,” she said of her first event. “And this is when the magic happened. It was all put together and all the artists that came out, music stages and everything, and I walked down Casino Center, because it was on both sides of the street at that time.  I stood and I was in my own personal bubble that happens a lot for me at First Friday, just watching the magic taking place. … I said, ‘I don’t know what this is. And I don’t know what my part is in this, but I know I want to be a part of it.’”

The event went from hundreds to thousands, and now they see about 15,000 to 20,000 attendees.

“But there’s so many people who have still never experienced First Friday yet, which is exciting,” she said.

Listen to the interview above for more. Visit the First Friday website for more information on Friday’s event.

And, if you missed us last time, KNPR will have a booth at First Friday from 5 to 11 p.m. We’ll be offering merch such as tote bags, hoodies, mugs, pints and NPR shirts. There will also be chances to win a $25 member reward certificate, merch discounts and more. 


Corey Fagan, executive director, First Friday Foundation; Brian Paco Alvarez, anthropologist and cultural entrepreneur


  • Dayvid Figler and Rae Lathrop

    DF: Downtown was great as a kid and it is even greater as an adult. I love all of downtown’s hidden gems, its vibrancy, history and sense of connection. Rae is relatively newer to Las Vegas, but just as passionate about downtown. Downtown lends itself to the shared experience, and as a couple we both love seeing this part of the city through each other's eyes. Photo: Lucky Wenzel


  • Rob Ponte

    Some of the best nights I’ve experienced started out with no plan other than walking around to check out what’s going on. The great thing about having so many bars and restaurants downtown is the ability to move around if you’re not feeling the vibe in one place. There are plenty of options just outside the door. Photo: Lucky Wenzel

  • Brandon Wiegand

    The downtown Las Vegas of today has much to attract residents - a burgeoning restaurant and nightlife scene, growing diversity of businesses, and major centers of art and culture. Plus, living downtown I am easily within walking or biking distance of it all. Photo: Lucky Wenzel

  • Hank Gordon, Chairman of Laurich Properties

    It is always a pleasure to deal with the city of Las Vegas’ economic development department. The staff is really interested in helping create a positive business environment to work with.

  • Jonathan Jenkins, Founder & CEO of OrderWithMe

    As our company continues its rapid growth, we quickly realized the need to set up a formal U.S. headquarters. We explored multiple cities and were about to make the move to San Francisco, and then we heard about the complete reinvention of downtown Las Vegas. Coming from China where things are booming and growing, we love that downtown Vegas now has a similar vibe of energy and change. Not only is there an exciting tech community here and much lower costs than the Bay Area, but we love the fact that almost every industry group brings their conventions to our front door once a year.

  • Andy Hsieh, Owner of Lux Delux

    We love the vibrancy and energy of Las Vegas, and downtown is at the heart of it all. That's why we've launched our mobile platform with a focus on downtown. This is an exciting time in Las Vegas history, where community, commerce and technology are all converging at once. Downtown is our city's hidden gem.

  • Ramesh Srinivasan, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Partnerships of SocialWellth

    We chose to relocate from the suburbs to downtown for several reasons. Our brand image and that of downtown’s mesh perfectly. The new downtown Las Vegas reflects a more hip, startup, social media-style image. Additionally, downtown’s emerging technology corridor, anchored by Zappos, is an environment that enhances our ability to recruit the types of technical skill sets required for our continued growth and success.

  • Mark Brandenburg, President of Golden Gate

    I think downtown Las Vegas is a unique blend of intimacy and great energy. Plus, in contrast to The Strip, it’s so easy to walk around…The Golden Gate has been here for over 100 years and with all the changes going on downtown, it feels like a new era. It truly is a renaissance—the rebirth of a classic.

  • Roberto Mendoza, Co-owner of Banger Brewing

    The city has been great in helping us with the licensing and procedures necessary to start a business. There hasn't been a brewery built in the city of Las Vegas for probably 10 years. So for them it hasn't been a typical ‘cut and paste’ thing. We're something different. It was a team work process to get us opened – a lot of talk and listening on both sides. And now the city started opening up the doors for other breweries once we were up and running. Good news for us and good news for the future. (Photo: Lucky Wenzel)

  • Alexandra Epstein, Executive Vice President of El Cortez Casino Hotel

    This downtown area… is emerging and where many events are happening.

  • Meghan Mossler, Owner of Stitch Factory

    The city and the department of economic development have been very helpful to us and all the other downtown business owners. It’s such a community here, and everyone asks you what you need. That kind of help launching a business is amazing and priceless.

  • Pamela Dylag, Co-owner of Velveteen Rabbit

    The city is so supportive of new businesses. Things are popping up constantly. (Photo: Lucky Wenzel)

  • Marc Abelman, CFO & Co-owner of Inside Style

    Downtown is becoming very much in demand…there’s a limited supply. Run fast, don’t walk.

  • Sam Cherry, CEO of Cherry Development

    For a while, downtown was one of the only places in the valley you would see cranes when you drove around. It was nice that city government stepped up and the private sector married with the public sector to create amazing projects that filled the gap. That was very important for us.

  • Johnny Jimenez, Owner of Toy Shack of Las Vegas

    Our business is booming amid the foot traffic on Fremont Street, and we’ve started to see how tourists are falling in love with downtown as they discover it. In the past year, we’re increasingly hearing things like, ‘Wow, next time we’ll stay downtown instead of on The Strip,’ or ‘We’ve visited downtown many times, but this is the first year we’ve actually stayed in a downtown hotel.’ They like that there is more to do within a smaller walking radius.

  • Rich Worthington, President and CEO of The Molasky Group of Companies

    Historically, downtown Las Vegas has not been a top destination for many locals, but in recent years… that trend is reversing itself. Given all the recent openings and progress, there’s much to explore and experience downtown.